Educational Program

Tango, Milonga, and Candombe are unique musical genres rooted in ancient traditions and modem passions of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Montevideo, Uruguay. Most often associated with dance, they also represent the expression of rhythms, melodies, and harmonies that define a style unmistakably Latin and distinctly South American. sophisticated cultures from which they come. For one hundred years, these dances have defined music along the Rio de la Plata (Argentina and Uruguay).  But everywhere this music was brought to life by the unique look, feel and sound of an instrument known as the bandoneon. These haunting melodies, timeless lyrics, and spirited native dances can be yours to explore and experience in a unique, historically steeped series of Master Classes and Residencies. Taught by the world’s leading authority of the bandoneon, composer, arranger, and music director Daniel Binelli, along with Polly Ferman, music director, and classically trained pianist, specialized in Tango for more than two decades. These classes offer about 3 to 4 hours of in-depth instruction salted with samples played live by Binelli and Ferman.

Residence and Master Class

One Week / Music Students, all Instruments


  • To Analyze and implement different Tango Styles, the Milonga, Vals Criollo and Candombe.
  • To perform a join concert with participating musicians, including a varied repertoire of Music In the Rio de La Plata (Argentina and Uruguay)

Tango Origins

Binelli-Ferman Commented Recital of Tango History Until 1950, Including:

  • La Guardia Vieja (1900-1930)
  • The Romantic Tango period (1930-1940)
  • Main orchestras for dancing (1940- 1950)
  • Styles according to the composer

Vals Criollo, Milonga and Candombe

  • Vals Criollo – (Rosita Melo, Anselmo Aieta)
  • Milonga – (Sebastian Piana, Pintin Castellanos, Julian Plaza)
  • Candombe – (Ruben Rada, Daniel Binelli)

The Binelli- Ferman duo will work with musicians of all instruments, compositions which has been sent in advance. This way, they will be able to put in practice what it has been previously shown.

Tango from 1950 on

  • Commented recital including composers as Osvaldo Pugliese and Horacio Salgán (Tango style through these two great pianists and creators)
  • The Bandoneon, as an instrument
  • Astor Piazzolla analysis of his work. The New Tango

Rehearsals with musicians leading to a concert

Students will join the Binelli Ferman Duo in a concert showcasing different styles of Tango, Milonga, Vals and Candombe.

Daniel Binelli & Polly Ferman

Active educators, Daniel Binelli and Polly Ferman have produced educational programs for several Music Conservatories such as, Humboldt State University of California, Hong Kong, Beijing, New York, Casa de los tres Mundos in Nicaragua, Germany, India and Tokyo’s Conservatory of music. Also Residencies at UTAH State University, Millikin University in Chicago, Oberlin Conservatory and Facultad de Musica (UNAM) Mexico, and Universidad El Bosque in Bogotá, Colombia, among others.

Ferman was a U.S. State Department ARTS ENVOY in Lebanon, where she offered:

  • Workshop at Issam Fares Auditorium in Zouk Mosbeh
  • Polly Ferman Solo Recital at Selectum des Arts et des Sciences in Kaslik.
  • Master Class at Mozart Chahine School in Beirut